Friday, June 04, 2010


Eyewitness accounts expose Israeli lies about flotilla attack

by Larry Geller

See a compendium of eyewitness accounts of the Israeli deadly night-time attack on the Gaza relief flotilla: Eyewitnesses, both activists and reporters, contradict Israeli account (6/4/2010).

…every witness who has so far spoken out contradicts the Israeli account of some kind of self-defense, saying that the Israelis first attacked in boats and that they had already opened fire on the flotilla before commandos began descending from helicopters. They also agree that several people were shot from behind or above, that the Israeli attackers didn't immediately allow treatment of convoy wounded and that weapons ripped from the hands of commandos were stripped of their ammunition and thrown overboard.

Also, today’s Democracy Now has an eyewitness report, in addition to other stories on BP, etc. Tags: , , ,


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