Monday, June 21, 2010


Attn. Gov. Lingle: Feds ready to expand Family and Medical Leave Act to all couples

by Larry Geller

Even as Governor Lingle has placed Hawaii’s civil unions bill, HB444, on her possible veto list, the federal government is taking a step to remove inequality in employment.

The Labor Department is ready to tell employers they must give gay workers the same opportunity as heterosexual ones to take unpaid time off to care for their partners' newborns or loved ones.   [Washington Post (AP), AP sources: Gay workers to get family leave, 6/21/2010]

According to two “anonymous officials,” the announcement will be made on Wednesday. Probably the information has been deliberately leaked for some reason, so who knows what will happen Wednesday after possible explosions from the religious Right and Fox News pundits.

Still, Governor Lingle might take note. The tide has turned. Time to go with the flow

An AP story on HB444 and the Governor’s indecision has been picked up already by the Washington Post and several other papers. Eyes are on Hawaii. Why should Hawaii be less attractive to employers than other states on the Mainland? Leaders of high-tech and other knowledge-based businesses look for working conditions that allow them to attract the employees they need to succeed.


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