Thursday, June 03, 2010


American financial support made Israel raid possible

by Larry Geller

While coverage of the deadly Israeli attack on the flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza has been less prominent in the US than in Europe, and while Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton play damage control, media elsewhere have highlighted the US’ shared responsibility for the attack. After all, each bullet fired, each helicopter, and as this snip points out, each laser rifle sight were paid for with US tax dollars:

Turkish media reported that initial examinations of the dead Turkish activists show they all had been killed by bullets, some fired at close range. A funeral for the ninth Turkish citizen killed was due on Friday.

[Furkan] Dogan’s apparent dual citizenship was not the only American connection weighing on some of several thousands mourners at the service at Istanbul’s Fatih mosque, where eight coffins draped with Turkish and Palestinian flags were lifted overhead to chants of “God is great!”

A few Turks also shouted: “Murderous United States of America.”

“No thanks to the Americans for supplying all arms to [the Israelis],” said Sakir Yildirim, a UK-Turkish dual national who was also on the Mavi Marmara ship. He said he witnessed three or four deaths of activists within a few yards of him – one of the men shot in the forehead when the red light of a laser rifle sight alighted there. “All that stuff is American made.”  [Christian Science Monitor, Israeli raid on Gaza Freedom Flotilla killed US citizen Furkan Dogan, 6/3/2010] Tags: , , ,


Must be comforting to know the facts before the inquest.
Guess this is the one world situation with only one side!

Israel = Evil. EASY! Next issue?

Wow talk about reducing the world to black and white. This comment is no better than if I were to say all Palestinians are evil. Grow up Cloudia and quit reducing complex problems to one-line zingers.

Cloudia = Evil. crap that was easy! I think I can feel my brain atrophying as I type!

Let me see.....soldiers rappel onto ships in international waters, and start to shoot people on the ships......I guess that is black & white.....and since there were news stories in advance to prepare the Israeli public for bloodshed, sounds premeditated to me.

Just saying that there is TONS of context to this story that I don't see reflected here, but thanks for misreading my point into it's OPPOSITE. I think you and I are making the same point, Ketchup
Aint respectful dialog great! *sigh*

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