Monday, May 31, 2010


Will the number two candidate in the Dem primary be excluded from debates and news coverage?

by Larry Geller


Good riddance. A real progressive victory. ncRT @SwingState: Ed Case abruptly drops out of the race against Djou. 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

“Good riddance” seems premature.  Ed Case will run again, just not this time. In his own words, “As for my own plans, our return to our formative years reconfirmed that service has been and always will be central to my very being. So the question is not whether but when, where and how I can best continue to serve, and I know that path will emerge in its own time.” Yes, Case is younger than either Akaka or Inouye.

So this leaves at least two for the Democratic Primary: Colleen Hanabusa and third-place finisher Rafael del Castillo.

Prior to the special election the newspaper coverage excised everything said by any contender other than Hanabusa or Case even when all candidates were invited to a debate (for example, on Hawaii Public Radio). If del Castillo does run in the primary, as expected, will there even be debates (such as they are), and will his views finally get the exposure that the Hawaii media denied him earlier?

Remember that the huge pile of cash amassed by the leading candidates goes to the media for TV spots and ads. Just as Congress is controlled and corrupted by corporate money, it seems the media is controlled by that same money as it is paid out to them.



What happened to a 3rd party candidate?
The two up there now are frightening and not even a choice.
What happened to that Chinese man that ran in last election?
He was great and wish heʻd run again.

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