Thursday, May 20, 2010


Where will BP strike next?

by Larry Geller

What’s next for BP? Perhaps it could be Lake Michigan.

This is snipped from a long article in DailyKos, We should keep our eye on BP (4/29/2010).

A year into the [Tony] Hayward regime, more controversy and bad press erupted. This time the focus was on the shores of Lake Michigan. BP announced plans to expand its refinery operations in northern Indiana on the lake. As part of the expansion plans, the company petitioned the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to grant water pollution permits to increase the discharge of toxic liquid wastes, including mercury, into Lake Michigan. Republican governor Mitch Daniels was happy to oblige until the media and public officials in Chicago noticed the discharge permits. Why was BP expanding the refinery and asking for pollution discharge variances?

    BP contends that it needs the permit (the first it has received since 1990) for a $3.8 billion expansion that will enable the refinery, already the largest in the Midwest, to process more heavy Canadian crude oil.

It’s a long, rich article. Let’s hope Obama reads it.


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