Sunday, May 16, 2010


Tweets cry out as people die in Thailand, but Obama remains silent. Why?

by Larry Geller

This article from provides some background (snippet):

The U.S. coup against Thai President Thaksin is at the root of the current crisis in Thailand. Large sections of the Thai working class and peasantry still identify Thaksin as their President and are demanding his return. They have resorted to extremely militant tactics to achieve their demands, which, if won, would amount to the restoration of democracy in Thailand. The New York Times adds:

“Thailand is convulsed by a bitter struggle between the nation’s elite and its disenfranchised poor, played out in protests that have paralyzed Bangkok for weeks and now threaten to expand.” (May 15, 2010).

President Obama has not said one word of support for Thailand’s poor, while his silence enables Thailand’s elite to murder protestors in the streets free of foreign pressure. The U.S. is the main purchaser of Thailand’s exports, while providing important economic and military assistance. One strong statement from Obama would deter Thailand’s elites from further killing. But he will remain silent.

So far, dozens of protestors have been murdered. But for Thailand’s U.S.-backed elite to successfully maintain their political dominance, hundreds if not thousands more will have to be slaughtered. Countercurrents, Massacre In Thailand: Obama’s Bloody Hands, 5/16/2010]

Recall Obama’s recent refusal to declare the military coup in Honduras a coup. It would have resulted in cutting off aid to the country and the probably return of the democratically elected president. But no, US foreign policy under Obama is a continuation of previous administrations. No hope for change (® Obama) there.

(Thanks to Viviane Lerner for pointer to this article)


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