Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Thai rebellion spreads from Bangkok, follow the action from your computer

by Larry Geller

A few hours ago reporter Michael Yon generously gave permission to use his photos accompanied with a link to his page. I’m going to mix some tweets from Vincent Fernando with some photos tweetpic’d by Michael Yon. Click any photo for larger.

You don’t have to be a Twitter user to click on those links and see what is being posted about the ongoing battle in Bangkok, which appears to be spreading to elsewhere.

Sniper Threat tweetpic’d by journalist Michael Yon




Italian journalist has died from gun shot in chest. Fired from Chula hospital (tpbs) 17 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by vincefernando and 9 others



Caption on this photo:

Thai soldiers are in complete control of Lumpini park. It is important to say that from what I have witnessed their behavior has been completely professional. I watch the police and Army closely for unprofessional behavior and have seen none.

An earlier tweet:


RT @vaitor: reds in dindaeng are really aggressive, destroyed camera of a french journalist near front lines of dindaeng. 27 minutes ago via Tweetie Retweeted by vincefernando and 1 other

And here is a warning about attacks on journalists. Notice how it got retweeted around a lot.


for other journalist at dindaeng: get rid of camera and green batch otherwise you get caught by reds! about 1 hour ago via Tweetie Retweeted by vincefernando and 42 others

Photo: Warned me about some danger. Thank you Sir.


Photo: There are some brave reporters down there.



Photo: In front of the front line


Many of the locations Vince mentions in his tweets are familiar. Bangkok was our “R&R” stop on our way back from a trip to Burma or Nepal and once from Bangladesh. It’s sad to read about people being killed in places we knew well.


I hear explosions now. Praying for Thai people. http://bit.ly/92aUJo 15 minutes ago via Facebook



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