Monday, May 24, 2010


Teen tased, injured, arrested for being autistic

by Larry Geller

There is no excuse for tasing anyone to bring about compliance. Here is another case where a boy with autism was tased.

As you read these stories, keep in mind that it is not unusual for police to lie, particularly when they have done something wrong, whether it is killing a seven-year-old girl or tasing an autistic boy sitting on a curb.

Original story: WMBF, Autistic teen says he was beaten and arrested, (5/23/2010)

Follow up: WMBF, Tybee police chief defends actions, apologizes to autistic teen, (5/24/2010)

Police report: here

I did not see anything in the police report to indicate that they did a breathalyzer or any other test to verify that the boy was intoxicated, as they claimed. And of course, there were four police, making the use of the Taser inappropriate. The boy was unarmed and posed no threat. They didn’t even claim he did.

The Taser can kill, and police should be disciplined for using them inappropriately, and their superiors held responsible as well for letting them have the weapons in the first place without proper instruction.

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