Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Press conference announces end of Furlough Fridays

by Larry Geller

Furlough Fridays may be over. Here is the Advertiser breaking news and the Star-Bulletin breaking news.

The event was live tweeted by Georgette Deemer (good job!). Remember, start from the bottom and read upwards:

Gov says she has no plans to pardon the parents arrested for sit in.
Gov said without line of credit agreement not possible. she stays on position of the 57 million.

Governor reminds that solution reached without raising taxes or laying off taxes.
Speaker asks Horner if banks would also consider save our sports.
Speaker commends parties for coming together. says Matayoshi conducted shuttle diplomacy.
Sen Pres Hanabusa says time to move forward.
Don Horner here speaking on behalf of bank community. He says Line of credit extended as right thing todo.
acting superintendent Kathy Matayoshi says race to top appl to be submitted later this week.
last part is 10 million line of credit from local banks. if needed. no interest.
teachers agree to give up 6 planning days.
plan has 4 parts. gov agrees on 57.2 million. 2.2 million of ARRA funds for charter schools.
Gov says bottom line furloughs are over.
Gov thanks group that met last Thursday incl parents teachers principals.
Governor first thanks legislators for passing bill to use Hurricane Relief Fund.
at press conf on teacher furloughs. Governor conferring first with key stakeholders.

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