Tuesday, May 11, 2010


News in The Economist joins discussion in Meedan

by Larry Geller

The Economist apparently believes that important discussions should be open to all.

I was surprised to find information from the Arabic press on their website. It appears they are picking it up from Meedan (see below).

Check out An “idiotic jihad”, (The Economist, 5/10/2010).

Fasial Shahzad's failed attempt last week to detonate a car bomb in New York's Times Square prompted anger among commentators in the Middle East at what would have followed had the attack been successful. They demanded more Muslim cooperation in fighting terrorism and criticised Barack Obama for failing to learn from George Bush's mistakes.

At the end of the article is this link:

For further commentary from the Arabic press, visit Meedan. 

Meedan is where the conversation is taking place with machine and human translations between Arabic and English in both directions. The Economist still takes standard comments on its articles.

See also Collaborative news project bridges Arabic-English language and culture barriers (4/30/2010).

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