Friday, May 14, 2010


Flotilla of ships head towards Gaza—will Israel attack and murder the crews?

by Larry Geller

These are brave people. Rachel Corrie Ship Sails After 48-Hour Delay.

So far the world has not interfered with Israeli murders of Palestinians or their allies. I’m afraid for what will happen to these ships.

The ship is one of eight solidarity ships carrying peace activists from nearly 40 countries.

The new wave of solidarity ships are organized by the international coalition that includes the Free Gaza Movement, the Turkish Humanitarian Aid Foundation, the European Committee Against the Siege and several Malaysian, Greek and Irish institutions.

The movement stated that Israel threats and intimidation will not stop the ships and added that “The Freedom Flotilla is acting in line with universal principals of human rights and justice in defying a blockade identified as illegal by the UN and other humanitarian organization”.

They are morally correct and very brave. Foolish, perhaps, but brave. They could all be killed.



As a strong supportor of Palestine and Human rights, I say thank you very much for this print. The U.S. media as well as our government and religious leaders shamefully ignore the human rights and illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel, the funding of Israel & Egypt, and the illegal sale of weapons to Israel by our Government. America's own actions prevent peace and justice in the Holy Land and the Middle East. I am ashamed!

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