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“Dig deeper there is way more than this wrong”

by Larry Geller

A comment was posted this morning on the earlier article on the Tantalus shooting:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Tantalus shooting linked to DHS Medicaid program f...":

Dig deeper there is way more than this wrong!!

A core issue in this incident is whether any action by the state-contracted health care provider might have been responsible or contributory to this man being off his meds. The allegations of a whistleblower so far suggest that there is more than has so far appeared in news reports, and that there may be an investigation under way. 

If there is “way more than this wrong,” how will we find out about it?

Until there might be a better way to bring out information, Disappeared News is open to receiving any reports.

Whistleblowers should take note of any laws that might apply to the information, and of course, weigh carefully the implications to employment in these hard economic times. If someone’s life or health is at stake, please also take what steps you feel necessary to assist.

Having said that, emails may be sent to


Thank you Larry for doing this. I hope I can add insight as to why this goes deeper.

This part is important:
"News coverage of the Tantalus incident has painted Boegel as a criminal, but it may be more accurate to describe him as a *victim of misguided state cost cutting."

It DOES go deeper.

When mental health facilities/services were CUT, I wondered about consequences.

The logical conclusion is a MUTED objective of states to eliminate these societal ʻburdensʻ but make it profitable.

A systematic channeling to death or incarceration.
Death=societyʻs cleanser. Incarceration=profits (prison corporations).

An unspoken plan orchestrated to dispose of HUMAN MEDICATION ERRORS.

*I describe victims as: created by the system following ingestion of psychotropic cocktails, bombarded by nonstop hideous images/voices of unimaginable/gross thoughts if they attempt to wean themselves from the meds. Otherwise, being on it is described by many as being a walking robotic shell devoid of former human characteristics.

The family feels hopeless, humiliated, bewildered and guilt ridden. They blame themselves for family memberʻs inconvenient behavioral pattern transformed by American oath-betraying doctors and EXPERIMENTAL meds. Mandated and sanctioned by the state through pharmaceutical money influence to eliminate hours of counseling.

Quick fix for ʻundesirablesʻ and 10 fold increase in daily appointments.

The NORM for drinking/substance problem is now these meds; responsibility-free way out for states/doctors.

I call it ʻDiversionary Cleansingʻ. DEAʻs classification: "Office of Diversion Control".

I wasnʻt buying it when my sister, a Don Ho dancer, was prescribed this crap for a drinking problem. The doctor upped her doses 5X and switched her meds for experimentation.

She ended up on the autopsy table, add insult to injury, in their morgue drawer for over two weeks before family was notified. (During this time period the pharmaceutical servant, Kathy de Alwis was busy with a daily head count of purported meth deaths, ecstatic when the numbers climbed)

Just prior to death they locked her up at OCCC without medical visits. (No crime, car taken without permission ʻchargesʻ dropped by ʻcomplainantʻ long before she was released) She rocked herself in her cell day and night while fellow inmates tried to get medical attention. I would like to thank the ʻcriminalsʻ in jail with my sister from the bottom of my heart for caring for her in the little way they were able.
Shortly after her release from OCCC she ʻjumpedʻ off a building.

The advice I offer anyone is: if you know someone who has been sent to rehab INSIST THEY REFUSE THE MEDS. Donʻt EVER believe the con job. "Bi-polarism" is a manufactured ailment of the pharmaceutical companies as marketed justification for the meds. Total abstinence can be attained with willingness, someone cannot be forced into sobriety. The meds are a death sentence. If they refuse meds, the rehab will TRY to force/coerce them by holding back state assistance money. The key word being TRY; as yet they canʻt get around involuntary medication laws.

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