Friday, May 21, 2010


Cooking through the chaos

by Larry Geller

Chef and Atlantic writer Jarrett Wrisley became trapped in his Bangkok home as the battle between Red Shirt protestors and government forces raged nearby. Check out his account at the link below. It’s unfair snipping, but here is a bit to whet your appetite:

On Wednesday, May 19, Thai troops pushed through barricades to force the Red Shirts out of their urban encampment. As their leaders surrendered, extremists burned at least 36 targets in Bangkok, including the city's largest shopping mall, many banks, and other places of economic and political significance. As I stirred a favorite recipe of browned garlic, white wine, chicken, and bay leaves, the smoke poured up past my kitchen window. And for the first time, I got really scared. I wondered if the violence could ever enter what was, until then, my guilty sanctuary.   [The Atlantic, In Bangkok, Cooking in a Time of Chaos, 5/21/2010]

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