Sunday, May 02, 2010


Cartoonist Jules Feiffer interviewed in WNYC video

by Larry Geller

I was raised on Jules Feiffer’s cartoons in The Village Voice, and on radio stations WBAI (mentioned in the video), WQXR (classical music) and WNYC.

Feiffer’s psychological cartoons were unique. Many of us looked forward to his recurring “dance” panels, for example, Dance to Spring, to provide insight to our current condition. Even today, they chronicle the zeitgeist for those who lived through the ‘60s and ‘70s and might explain those eras to younger folks, if only they really cared.

WNYC has posted some short studio videos. It’s a way to bridge the technology gap for radio as web surfers come to expect video everywhere. It’s also great to actually see Feiffer after following his cartoons for so long.

WNYC brings us On The Media which airs on KIPO and is available as a podcast, Radio Lab, and several other programs you might be interested in. Check out the related videos on their YouTube page.

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