Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Bin Laden has won

by Larry Geller

If thy hated our way of life, they’ve won.

Every New Yorker knows that there is a Constitutional right to run out of gas on the highway. They do it all the time. Sometimes on a bridge or in a tunnel. Who says a gas gauge has to work? Or who says I have to pay attention?

So today the Triborough Bridge was shut down because a truck was left there without a driver. We’ll find out why later, this is still breaking news. Maybe he went off with a can to get some gas.

It’s breaking news, let’s see what happens. Terrorism charges? Conspiracy to shut down a bridge?

Yes, our enemy has won, we’re living in fear. Maybe it will become a federal crime now to run out of gas.

(In Japan they give tickets for it, but you won’t be tortured for it.)

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it wasn't just any truck, it was a u-Haul, known internationally for being poorly maintained and prone to breakdowns.

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