Friday, April 30, 2010


Yes, I know the pictures are gone…

… and the RSS feed doesn’t work, and who knows what else isn’t working.

but actually, the Blogger migration is going better than I expected…

I know you really don’t want to read about this, but other bloggers googling for support might want to know that they are not alone in their struggle.

Update: Blogger has been swamped with trouble tickets, mostly for missing images. I’m pretty sure there is something I’ve done wrong, but no credit to Blogger for the rambling blogs that attempt to provide direction during the switch away from privately-hosted blogging.

You’d think programmers would understand how useful a flow chart would be. They could still do it, but for those of us who feel we have followed directions, such as they are, and still are having problems, we’re left to hope that their support people can rescue us in a reasonable time, or to experiment on our own. Unfortunately, each experiment takes several hours to see if it worked.


I did fix the RSS myself (I hope). Trial and error worked for me.

Meanwhile I see that continues to have a problem and isn’t up right now. At least Disappeared News is still on the air. I’m glad for that.

Update 2: Blogger sent me a fix and closed the trouble ticket. Unfortunately, according to my hosting service, the fix is wrong. Most customer service trouble desks let the user say when the problem is closed, or at least allow it to be re-opened, but not this one. So I had to enter a new trouble ticket.

Stay tuned, please.


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