Friday, April 09, 2010


We make war hell

If these videos shock and revolt you, they show the reality of what war is like…If you don’t like what you see in them, it means we should be working harder towards alternatives to war.—- Josh Stieber, former soldier of the “Collateral Murder” Company

It’s only a question of time. More soldiers might come forward, at least to facilitate their own healing.

Imagine how it must change a person to kill others as casually as you’ve by now seen in the Collateral Murder video. (What, you haven’t seen it? About 5,300,000 others have already on YouTube alone…)

From the media release:

Branch of service:  United States Army (USA)

Unit:  1st ID

Rank:  Spc.
Home:  Laytonsville, Maryland

Served in:  Baghdad (Rustamiyah) 07-08 Fort Riley, KS 06-07, 08-09

Snipped from Veteran of "Collateral Murder" Company Speaks Out, (, 4/9/2010).


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