Sunday, April 11, 2010


Supporting parent protest against Furlough Fridays isn’t political

by Larry Geller

Tweet just in:


To be clear: I will vote NO on State budget final reading, unless sufficient funding is included to eliminate Furlough Fridays in schools

Hooser is the first that I am aware of to tweet his commitment to support children and parents with a “no” vote on the State budget. If others agree, tweeting with the hashtag #sos808 or to @sos808 will make the commitment visible to hundreds of followers.

Sure, Gary Hooser is running for Lt. Governor, but opposing Furlough Fridays is a bandwagon every legislator could be on. Hint: “yes with reservations” counts as a “yes,” not as opposition to Furlough Fridays.

Update: Unfortunately, legislators may not be able to vote “no”even if they want to. See my correction here.

Kanu Hawaii's James Koshiba is gathering support over on their website. See: Support the parent vigil and demonstration to end school furloughs which has a recap of events and plans and an offer to consolidate community input.

The latest tweets from @sos808 indicate it’s changing of the guard time in front of Washington Place, where the continuing protest has moved for the weekend.

Not only do the parents have in-person support as they march and carry signs, but motorists honk as they pass and those participating vicariously from home tweet and join in via Facebook.

It’s hard to estimate the size of the virtual crowd, but sos808 has reportedly gathered several times the “friends” that Gov. Lingle has managed to accumulate over the all her years in office.



The budget does include stimulus funding of over $100M for the bienneum. That's been added to the base funding under EDN 100.

I'm not sure, but didn't they already add that in to the equation? In other words, $$$ taken out so stimulus would replace.

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