Thursday, April 08, 2010


Rats. No prize for bloggers

by Larry Geller

Two prizes awarded today by the Hawaii Publishers Association related to the Chinatown rat situation brought to light by your humble blogger. But there’s no category for bloggers or their videos.

Well, I’m happy the tale continues and am glad to have posted the video that made the prizes possible.

But when do we bloggers get some recognition?

Nevermind, the newspapers need to be cheered up.

The prizewinners deserve their prize and more. You can tell good stories when you read them, and it’s great to see them recognized.

For some reason, the HPA website did not mention (unless I’ve missed it) David Shapiro’s HPA Hall of Fame Award. David has earned it. I was glad to read in the Advertiser that he was given this recognition. His is the first column I read each day it appears in the paper.


Now that's just not right. You broke that story .. you deserve the accolades.


Actually, I'm rewarded in elevators everywhere I go. People ask me, "Did you make that rat video?" because they saw me on TV. Keoki Kerr deserve a prize for following the food safety issue long before I did the rat video. KHON found that guy picking ogo out of the dirty canal at Ala Moana Park and selling it in Chinatown. Lots of folks worked on the issue. But none of it was in print.

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