Friday, April 09, 2010


New York Times, Guardian UK, Fox News cover parent Furlough Friday sit-in

by Larry Geller

Parents sitting in at Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle’s office were issued trespassing citations this evening, when the crowd dispelled after their press conference. Little did the deputy sheriff know that he would trigger a tsunami of coverage as he wrote the seven citations. In fact he (identified as Bryan Marcial) is named in the stories. He’s now famous too.

AP reporter Herbert Sample has written a compelling article that apparently struck a sympathetic chord with editors. They are picking it up for the websites of national media preparing their Saturday editions.

It’s in the New York Times and on Fox News. It’s spreading faster than I can type (latest: Huffington Post). Internationally, it’s in the Guardian of London.

It’s spreading on the blogosphere and has even been picked up by the Antiwar Newswire, whatever that is.

The size of the sit-in has ebbed and flowed since Wednesday, spurred by parents frustrated that Lingle, the Legislature, the teachers union and school officials remain stalemated over how to eliminate furloughs that have reduced the school year by 17 days.

But the parents regard Lingle as the main obstacle.

Lingle is reported to have ducked out her back door since the sit-ins began, reinforcing the parent’s argument that she has been absent from the negotiations.

Truly, a group of parents have launched the protest heard ‘round the world. Even in Moscow, according to a tweet.



The best part of Day 3 was that some of the parents apparently saw her in the building on their way up to the 5th floor for their shift, and she was once again, avoiding them and leaving the building.

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