Wednesday, April 07, 2010


New videos could stop the war

by Larry Geller

Remember the Pulitzer-prize winning photo of the nine-year-old Vietnamese girl running screaming after being burned on her back by a napalm attack? I’m pretty sure that photo helped end the war.

So might videos of US atrocities committed in its current wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Wikileaks has released what may be only the first of a series. They are trying to raise funds for further work:

Now, concerned individuals have given us a new incendiary video from Afghanistan. Concerned individuals have also given us an encrypted military video from a May 2009 attack in western Afghanistan which killed over 100 civilians, including many women and children, through bombing. The U.S. Military has said it would release the video, but it has not. To release that video to the public, we need resources to provide the correct context and find military experts and witnesses who can vouch for it. That will cost $50,000.

I’m seriously concerned about the safety of the Wikileaks people. I assume that there are many of them so that if one is taken out, the project will continue… but who knows. Remember, the US has targeted and killed journalists before.

Meanwhile, here is one way to contribute to something that could help advance the course of world peace.


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