Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Is everyone out there critical of Hawaii legislature?

by Larry Geller

Yes, HB1212 is a travesty, hiding complaints from consumers. And introducing it at the very last minute ought to be a crime. And sure, someone will sue the state because high-tech tax credits were suddenly canceled. Maybe a couple of lawsuits, it’s their last chance to squeeze money out of the State before fleeing to the Mainland, which they would have done anyway without the government handout.

In fishing around for web references to the current legislative session, can you guess what I found the most of? You’ll never guess. Stuff like this:

#Hawaii legislature's bill to block viewing full #Obama birth cert exposes cover-up. What are he/they afraid of? I'll show mine! #teaparty 5 days

Yeah, the birthers have joined with the teabaggers, and they’re tweeting this up..

This from Yahoo Answers:

# Resolved Question: Is Hawaii Trying to Make a Quick Law to Deny USA Citizens Public Access to Public Records of Obama's Birth the?

# [Share] Resolved Question: Hawaii efforts to block access to public records?

And still more, and more…

Hawaii Legislature Votes to Ignore Birther Requests - AOL News 58 minutes ago

ShareHawaii Legislature Votes to Ignore Birther RequestsAOL News(April 28) -- Hawaii's state...

Now, they soon won’t be able to request copies of Obama’s birth certificate since the lege also passed a questionable “vexations requester” bill (see, plenty to not like this session), maybe they’ll fly to Hawaii to check in person, thereby boosting our tourism numbers.

We could ask Hawaiian Airlines to schedule special Birther flights, and since they have joined forces with those other loudmouths, why not serve free tea on board. Oh, and mixed nuts. Sweets to the sweet.

Ok, I’m frustrated, I need to go migrate this blog from Blogger FTP to something else today, I wanted to post one last article, and this is just how it came out. Now to light some incense to the gods of computing and see how this goes. I bought myself a couple of bags of M&Ms dark chocolate to see myself through the ordeal.


I thought the teabaggers were the birthers.

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