Thursday, April 29, 2010


How racial profiling works in Arizona: US citizen detained, ICE says it “was standard operating procedure”

by Larry Geller

Do you walk around with your birth certificate in your pocket? Of course not. Lucky you live Hawaii and not Arizona.

The infamous new Arizona law isn’t even in effect yet, but according to ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), that doesn’t matter. They are so into racial profiling already.

See: Truck Driver Forced to Show Birth Certificate Claims Racial-profiling (Information Clearing House, 4/29/2010), which includes a video from a local TV station.

Meanwhile, a Google search for “boycott Arizona” shows 3,549 articles at this moment and growing:


… and the first legal challenge to the law has been filed:

The first legal challenges to Arizona’s stringent new anti-illegal-immigration law were filed Thursday in federal court in Phoenix and Tucson. Major civil rights and legal groups announced separately that they would soon be taking legal action to block the law, part of what is expected to be many such actions. [New York Times, First Legal Challenges to New Arizona Law, 4/29/2010]

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