Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Follow sit-in at gov’s office via Twitter

by Larry Geller

Follow @sos808 to track the progress of the sit-in against Furlough Fridays. Parents and kids are occupying Governor Lingle’s 5th floor reception area, a huge, beautiful and expensively furnished space.

KITV reports staircases/elevators locked up, no aircon and no bathroom. Yikes!

@sos808 just reported:

@DisappearedNews Bathrooms available but if they leave, they can't get back in. No A/C. Most stairways closed. Elevators locked. #sos808

Yup, you can communicate live with the protesters. Isn’t Twitter wonderful?

Perhaps others will join them tomorrow when (if?) the elevators open up. If the gov isolates them, supplies can still be sent upstairs via helium balloon (hint) (we used to do that in college).

Latest tweet: parents sending press releases from inside the gov’s office.


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