Monday, April 26, 2010


Disappeared News may disappear briefly

by Larry Geller, owned by the great Google that can seemingly do anything, has said that it can no longer support blogs published via FTP. This includes my blogs and a huge number nationwide. So we have to “migrate” to something else by May 1st. Which is just around the corner.

I originally paid for the Blogger premium service just so I could take advantage of FTP publishing. So this is my reward.

I’d like to maintain my links if possible, so the move is not trivial. For example, I get a constant stream of hits just on the subject of Chinatown rats (the video is finally leveling off at about 33,000 views). Comments come in on articles that are months old. Etc., etc.

So I have to decide where to migrate, whether to continue with or make the leap to WordPress or some other platform, and what will become of the thousands of earlier articles.

Knowing that the playful gods of computer science are salivating over this opportunity, I suspect that the transition won’t be instantaneous.

So if Disappeared News disappears for a bit, please come back and check later.


Please continue, Larry. Your efforts are appreciated.


I'll keep your link on allhawaiinews, as I know you'll find a way.

Also, for those of us also contemplating the jump to Wordpress, any hints you pick up along the way would be appreciated.


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