Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Governor Lingle: Sit-in parents have Dog on their side, just wanted to let you know

by Larry Geller

Dog says to follow @sos808. Dog has 33,856 followers. [Update: make that approx.39,294 including Dog’s other Twitter address.]



Dog says he’s standing by in case parents are arrested.

Dear Governor Lingle: having parents who want nothing more than an education for their children arrested might not be a smart move. They have Dog the Bounty Hunter (and his 33,856 worldwide followers) on their side now.

Gov's Office

Many eyes are on the Governor’s office tonight. Save Our Schools parents and Internet followers are wondering whether she will have the protestors arrested. They’ve been issued two or three citations already (see pic.) (More pics of citations being issued, and video below.) Each time, the sheriffs wait until the TV cameras have left, and then they issue the citations.

Parents and children may leave the Governor’s office, for example, to use the bathrooms, but then they won’t be allowed back in. Because of the bathroom restriction, the protests moved across the street to Washington Place for the weekend. A group returned to the Governor’s office this morning to resume their sit-in.

This evening’s citation video:


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