Friday, April 16, 2010


CNN iReport highlights Hawaii’s protest in its ‘Schools in trouble feature’

by Larry Geller

CNN Feature

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CNN’s experiment in citizen journalism allows anyone to submit stories, but “Only ones marked 'CNN iReport' have been vetted by CNN.” The next level up seems to be actual broadcast of the story.

‘Schools in trouble’ includes video of Hawaii Furlough Friday protest by Hannah Miyamoto. Snipping from her Twitter bio: “Lawyer, scholar, and almost 30 years of community activism. Former columnist, UH-Manoa student newspaper editor, frequent commentator.”

[Update: fixed some errors in the original post. Hope I got it right now.]

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Thanks, but "Schools in Trouble" is the name of the entire feature. The newsworthy fact is that they are using the video of the press conference to highlight the entire "assignment section." My contribution is the actual three video clips. Thx!

Some days I shouldn't blog. Hope I corrected it properly. Sorry about that.

Better coverage than what we get in the mainstream radio and TV stations in HI. Sad, but true.

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