Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At press conference, Gov. Lingle reduces spending offer to eliminate furloughs

by Larry Geller

Both the Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin reported on Lingle’s press conference this morning. Seven members of the parent protest team were allowed to attend but not speak.

Please read the stories for details. What I found troubling was that Lingle said she wants to spend less, not more, than her current $62 million offer. From the Star-Bulletin story:

Lingle said her original offer of spending $62 million to pay down the furloughs for both school years would not be needed now, so she will be looking for the state to spend less on the solution.

"Sixty-two million dollars would no longer be the amount I was willing to spend," Lingle said.

It’s necessary to read the story to understand the context, but still, this may not be a positive development. Nor is this:

She also warned that protesters who have already received two trespassing citations will be arrested, starting this afternoon.


When it comes to civil disobedience, an arrest is essentially a "win" for the ARRESTED, not for the government.

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