Thursday, March 25, 2010


Rich, take your shoes off if you have to, but please learn to count

by Larry Geller

To read Richard Borreca’s article Special election offers 3 distinct candidates (Star-Bulletin, 3/24/2010), you’d think there were only three candidates for Neil Abercrombie’s seat. Surely Borreca can count beyond three. It’s true that he’d have to take his shoes off, there are now 14 people registered (pdf).

There is probably a point at which journalists have to draw the line, but we are not there yet. A better role for our press would be to examine each candidate and let the public know what they might bring to the table. Richard might be surprised.

That the Honolulu mainstream press plays up the three leading moneygetters is nothing new, but in this enlightened age we can do better. Pretending that there are only three candidates is so 2009. In the Honolulu of 2010, shortly, there will likely be one fewer newspaper and more on-line sources. They may not have their heads stuck in old bad newspaper habits.


This has been the pattern for a long time concerning candidates. Didn't we observe Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul disregarded in the last election? The voters deserve better!

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