Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Opportunities for Peer News to make a difference come from within

by Larry Geller

Pierre Omidyar’s tweets are worth following. Among them are many good ideas. Here are two that intrigued me:

Someone please make a list of "laws the other side didn't want" so we can compare single-party rule under Reps and Dems. about 1 hours ago via Tweetie

I am looking for a list of CBO-scored deficit-reducing laws past in the last 30 years. Any help? 8:28 AM Mar 22nd via Tweetie

I do have a suggestion, though: Pierre, please send these to John Temple. Let’s see what Peer News is really made of. You can make that list of laws, I can’t afford to put time into it, sorry. It is a great idea, but sounds like a good bit of work to achieve.

Let me end with another I liked:

Not one Republican vote for health care reform. The stark and definitive end of "compassionate conservatism." 5:31 PM Mar 21st via Tweetie

Even if you don’t use Twitter you can read Omidyar’s tweets by clicking here.

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