Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Idaho gov first to sign state sovereignty bill against federal health care mandate

by Larry Geller

You’d have a hard time telling from Idaho Republican Governor C.L. Otter’s press release exactly what he is talking about, it sounds like a strong stand on something. What it should say is “Idaho governor signs bill requiring state to sue the U.S. government if insurance purchase is mandated in health care reform.”

The Idaho governor appears to be pushing a states rights issue, rather than health care reform. Although the press release refers to some initiatives the state is working on, none appear to provide for increasing healthcare coverage for Idaho citizens.

Those who oppose the mandate are not limited to left or right, Republican or Democrat. Forcing people to purchase insurance (thereby enriching insurers) and fining them if they do not has been one of the main targets of criticism aimed at Congress and Obama from all directions.

According to an AP story, 37 other states are considering similar legislation, and the Virginia legislature has already passed a bill similar to Idaho’s. The same story reports that these measures are not likely to succeed against the federal government.


A politician with common sense, how refreshing.

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