Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Guardian live blogs expulsion of Israeli diplomat over forged UK passports

by Larry Geller

The Guardian (London) is abuzz at this moment following the live news that the UK is taking action against Israel for its use of forged passports in the killing of a Hamas official in January.

An earlier story, UK to expel Israeli diplomat over British passport abuse: Expulsion follows use of 12 fake passports by suspected Mossad agents during killing of Hamas leader in Dubai has been followed by live blogging of the UK Parliament.

A snip of the latest live action from the Guardian website:

Ha'aretz reports that Miliband has also cancelled his appearance at a ceremony scheduled for later that evening at the Israeli embassy.

Prosor makes a short statement outside the embassy without taking questions. He says Israel's firm intention is to strengthen relationship with the UK. Now Miliband is on the BBC, once again refuses to name the official expelled. Says the UK has "parted company" with Israel on this specific issue. Adds that he has not received any apology from the Israeli government and says he has asked for Israeli assurances that it won't do anything like this again. "Israel needs to understand" that this should not happen again, the foreign secretary says.

First Israeli - rather sheepish - reaction. Israel's ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, said Israel was "disappointed by the decision of the British government" but affirmed his commitment to a relationship "of mutual importance."

Martin Linton (Labour) invites the government to take similar action each time Israel builds settlements. Another MP wants to know who Britain is expelling. Miliband declines to give any names, although reports say it is a representative of the Mossad. The House has now moved on to other business.

While live TV (i.e., CSPAN) is more dramatic, a live-blog leaves a text record of events that Google can find. The information is therefore immediately available around the world. Isn’t science wonderful?

Following this as it unfolded was a news event we won’t be able to match with any coverage available locally.

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And the reason that this could never happen in the U.S.A., is because as Ariel sharon said on the Kenesset Floor, "We own the U.s., and they know it", and yes most of us here know it.

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