Sunday, March 21, 2010


Governor holding school Furlough Fridays hostage to her breakup-the-system ideology

by Larry Geller

For the news behind the printed news, Derek DePledge’s The Notebook blog is a must-have feed for your newsreader.

In Quid pro quo (3/19/2010), DePledge writes:

Linda Smith, the governor’s senior policy adviser, and Georgina Kawamura, the state’s budget director, told state Sen. Norman Sakamoto and state Rep. Roy Takumi at a recent meeting that Lingle wants to link the new furlough plan to moving a state constitutional amendment giving the governor the authority to hire and fire the state schools superintendent.

Please read the entire article. I think it’s safe, though, to say that Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle is willing to sacrifice the education and future job options of Hawaii’s children to further her ideological campaign against public education.

If a proposal to appoint the school superintendent has merit, it should be argued and stand on its own, without inserting our children into the crossfire.

Shame on Hawaii, shame on Lingle.


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