Thursday, March 04, 2010


End Furlough Fridays with Kwedit

by Larry Geller

As Lingle representative Linda Smith meets this afternoon with the Board of Education to talk about Furlough Fridays, and as the House Finance Committee tosses a few billion in the pot to restore a few furlough days, the unwanted school holidays continue. Is it every other week from now on? Somewhere I think I saw that.

More bad news: Hawaii didn’t make the cut on the federal Race to the Top funding. It will all be in tomorrow’s newspapers.

There may be a way out, though, and one that everyone understands: the kids can pay for their Friday classes on credit. Or should I say Kwedit. That’s right, make them responsible for their own future. Maybe they’ll pay more attention to the teacher if their future solvency depends on it. We all know how it works because we’ve been doing it ourselves. It’s the American way of life. Buy now, pay later.

Why not get the kids involved right away? No need to wait until they are in college to sink them in endless debt. We can start them off by asking them to pay for their own Fridays and end the furloughs now.

Stephen Colbert explains how Kwedit works in a segment from one of this week’s Colbert Reports. Click to play.


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