Sunday, March 21, 2010


Email from Obama. Sure.

by Larry Geller

It must be some kind of speed record. No sooner does the president’s health care bill squeak through than he sends out emails of thanks:


That’s nice, but I don’t think Barry has been reading the emails I’ve been sending him about his healthcare legislation.

The emails actually come from a system created by Blue State Digital (BSD). If they are sending me emails, then they have profiled me they say. It’s a massive selling job (con job?):

The Obama campaign’s constituency base used the BSD tools on the campaign Web site to create over 2 million user profiles, write over 400,000 blog entries, and post over 200,000 campaign events for other supporters to find and attend. Additionally, volunteers created more than 45,000 Obama for America volunteer groups utilizing BSD’s online tools.

Obama for America supporters made more than 3 million phone calls online in the last four days of the campaign alone, on top of the millions of calls made through Blue State Digital phonebanking tools in the weeks prior to the election.

Furthermore, people spent more than 14 million hours watching over 1,000 Obama campaign-related videos on YouTube that garnered more than 50 million views and 1.2 billion minutes of view time. All of this content taken together created a healthy positive feedback loop for the campaign.

As President Obama’s constituents used the BSD tools, they accrued points, which served as subtle inducements to deepen their involvement. This degree of commitment is evidence that for its users, a BSD-enabled site is as much a social experience as it is a fundraising and activation tool.

Instead of from Nigeria, these allegedly come from the president. Like other fake emails, they want my money, that’s all. I didn’t get my single payer, nor has Obama discussed with me how and when he will stop the endless wars. He comes to Hawaii but doesn’t even call while he’s here. I’m in the phone book.I actually dislike receiving these emails. I get enough from the Nigerian millionaires.

A scam is a scam.


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