Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Congressional candidate has experience in the trenches of health care reform

by Larry Geller


Hawaii Kai resident and attorney Rafael del Castillo has filed as a Democrat for the 1st Congressional District seat formerly held by Neil Abercrombie.

Del is no stranger to health care advocates. The cases he has brought on behalf of patients against denials by Hawaii’s powerful monopoly health insurers have often been life-saving. In Washington, he would be the one person who knows the health insurance industry from a position of personal combat.

In a press release issued today, del Castillo wrote: “Health care must top our list of concerns until we make it affordable and accessible to all, especially our kupuna.” He noted that he understands Hawaii law and can work to protect it should Congress pass a health care reform bill.

Far from a one-issue candidate, del Castillo commented also on other issues including global climate change:

“We need to wean ourselves from fossil fuels and develop other sources of energy. I will drive federal dollars to Hawai`i for solar, wind, wave, biofuel, and geothermal projects. I will push for the United States to join the rest of the world in solving the problem of potentially catastrophic global climate change.”

A website under construction at www.we-are1.com will support his campaign.

[Disclosure: I was briefly Executive Director of the Hawaii Coalition for Health, of which Rafael del Castillo is an officer and director]


I know Del personally and can not think of a better candidate for US Congress. He will help Hawaii at a National level!! I think it's about time we get someone in Washington that truly understands (and truly cares!) about our real concerns. A candidate I want to vote for!!

I think that first priority would be stop funding wars, Israel, and Egypt and other countries that violate human rights and illegally occupy,...oops that's America, too. No wonder there is no resolution!

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