Wednesday, March 24, 2010


50,000 kids books arrive in Hawaii, rally Thursday, distribution Friday

by Larry Geller

Disappeared News was among the first to break the news that Hawaii kids win 50,000 new books in an on-line contest that had people clicking and voting 90,000 times to put the state over the top.

I also speculated how big a pile 50,000 books would be:

Let’s see, making some assumptions about how wide children’s books are, 50,000 of them laid side-by-side should be about 6.7 miles of books. If they arrived at Honolulu Airport, and we began lining them up along the H-1 center line, they’d make it all the way to the Punahou exit and up the ramp to the entrance to Shriner’s hospital.

Or, you could lay them once around Kapiolani Park and have enough to go around Diamond Head as well.

That’s a lot of books.

Maybe tomorrow we can find out. The books are here, according to First Book Oahu.

First Book-Oahu will hold a Community Celebration Rally tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th, at 11:30 a.m. at the Hawaii State Library to celebrate the arrival and distribution of the 50,000 new books won in the First Book “What Book Got You Hooked?” online voting campaign.

There will be speeches, music and hula, and even Wally Amos is supposed to participate. The pile will be distributed the next day, March 26th, according to the website.

I hope someone takes a picture of it all first…

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What is the books content?

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