Friday, February 19, 2010


Viral video documents Dubai assassination of Hamas leader allegedly by Mossad

by Larry Geller

A video put together by Dubai authorities documenting the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh has gone viral. The background to the story can be found on today's Democracy Now, Israel Accused of Stealing Identities, Using Fake Passports in Killing of Hamas Commander in Dubai (2/19/2010), or in this Wired article, <em>Dubai Assassination Was Work of Mossad and Likely Sanctioned by Prime Minister Says Former Intel Officer</em> (2/18/2010):
The footage, taken from cameras at the Dubai airport and several luxury hotels, follows the activities of 10 men and one woman as they arrived in Dubai on various European passports and moved among hotels and a shopping center, even changing disguises at one point, during the hours before Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was killed.
The Israelis used forged passports of Israeli citizens, which has become an issue itself. From the Wired article:
The video and assassination have sparked extensive debate in the media, inside and outside Israel, over, among other things, the alleged assassin team’s use of forged passports from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany. At least seven of the passports used the names of residents in Israel who hold dual citizenship in other countries and who say they were not part of the operation. They are now concerned that they could be targeted for revenge by Hamas or others. Another three aliases are similar to the names of Israeli citizens, but they have different middle names.

Here's the Dubai video.


A citizen has to wonder how freely Israeli Mossad acts in the US? It is true that the US government allowed Israeli War Criminal, Tizpi Livni, to come to Hawai'i last Sept. at the invitation of the Hawai'i Gov. Lingle, in spite of protests by Hawai'i citizens. Livni is one of Israeli gov. officials responsible for the murder of 1400 Gazans, approximately a third children, from Dec. 2008-to Jan. 2009,a three week brutal assult on basically unarmed people. Israel continues to deny humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

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