Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tell ‘em, Bob


Well, I just don't understand why folks are angry at their govt (the IRS) over taxes...I've had money and I've been poor. Right now I'm barely making it money-wise (and I'm getting old), but taxes are not the problem. I don't mind paying my share of taxes...why wouldn't I? We all want things that the private marketplace cannot provide, don't we? (Roads, schools, police, fire, tsunami warning centers, care for the elderly, the poor, orphaned children.) How else to provide those things if not by levying taxes on us all? Now, if you want to discuss what those taxes should be paying for, that's a whole 'nuther question. But to simply hate the IRS enough to kill yourself and those IRS workers, well, that's just self-centered, stupid, and, yes -- mentally ill.

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