Tuesday, February 02, 2010


No! It’s not an iPad! It’s better than an iPad!

by Larry Geller


I’ve been asked about my beloved TC1100 Tablet PC many times at meetings as I take notes with its stylus pen, or at the Legislature as I read testimony from it. It’s as good as a teleprompter with the plus that I can write on the screen if I think of something new to say. Recently, though, people are asking “Where did you get an iPad?”

So I made a screensaver with a “No Apple” logo on it just for fun.

And this Tablet PC is a lot of fun. It’s a workhorse, too. I can run my usual wordprocessing or graphic programs on it, or check my email. I can show my rat video to the few people who haven’t seen it. I can talk at it to do a Skype phone call or watch streaming TV. It converts my handwriting to text if I like, and although it is filled with three years of testimony, agendas and minutes, it doesn’t weigh any more than it did when I bought it. It syncs with my cellphone and my desktop. Unlike my Vista machine at home, it behaves itself and has proven reliable.


It also has a detachable keyboard with built-in joystick pointer, though I prefer to use a Bluetooth mouse. Unlike the iPad, it will do Flash (the iPad won’t).

I can read an eBook (or write one!). I can blog from it or read the New York Times.

The iPad could be very successful though, whereas my TC1100 is discontinued. At least, the iPad will stir up curiosity in tablets.

Guess what: Google may be thinking of a tablet of its own. This just out in today’s Guardian (UK):

Google Tablet

Many Tablet PC users like the TC1100 form factor and wonder why Hewlett-Packard never made a modern successor to it. Maybe HP will catch the wave and come around.

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