Sunday, February 07, 2010


Hope was alive (and dashed) in 1974

by Larry Geller

Obama may have scaled the hope thing up quite a bit, but ‘way back in 1974, when many readers of this blog may not yet have been born, the Democratic party line was pretty similar to today (sigh).

Check out this audio clip from the Disappeared News audio archives. It’s a 5-minute speech by labor leader George Meany that aired on November 4, 1974, radio station WOR in New York the night before Election Day (the last 30 seconds or so are missing).

If you stick with it a bit, at the 3 minute point more or less you’d think he was talking about 2010. Tax justice, jobs, health care, fair wages for “woikers” (I love the Bronx accent, that’s where I was born!).

If only we put the right people in Congress.


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