Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Great bill for getting government records cheaply needs testimony in support

by Larry Geller

HB2231 - Clarifies cost of reproducing government records from not less than five cents per page to not more than ten cents per page.

What a great bill for improving transparency. Prevent state agencies from soaking people who request records from them. This limits what they can charge per page to one thin dime.

I just found out about this one today (Tuesday). It’s not a very sexy bill, so no one is out there sign waving about it. If you would dash off some testimony, it would be really great! It’s easier than ever to do this session.

Just go to this page, put in the bill number, HB2231, and you can send your testimony right from the web page (write something first—make sure to say whether you support or oppose).

The bill is being heard Wednesday at 2 p.m., and since you’re probably reading this on Wednesday, please send something right away, no matter how short. The bill gets only this one hearing in the House, so each testimony is important. Too little and it won’t pass, so please send something. And thanks! (you’ll be saving Disappeared News a lot when I request and have to pay for government records!)

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