Monday, February 15, 2010


Be the first on your block to control the economy

by Larry Geller

Accountability is for suckers! What’s a few trill among friends and central banks?”

I was listening to this podcast and received a couple of insights from it. The podcast is an interview with the author of this neat video game for the iPhone:

‘iBailout’: Pocket Activism

Nick Marroni says, “My goal is to make games that have social and political relevance.” To that end he has created a satirical iPhone game called “iBailout!!” You play as the “Fed,” a robot that eats money. Just don’t let the angry mob get you.

Insights received:

1) This game is not “preaching to the choir.” It will reach people who would never buy a copy of The Nation, who might never read Noam Chomsky, and who will never read this blog, in fact.

2) Video games can be mindless entertainment (or worse), or they can be accessible to anyone (as are many written for the Wii, for example), and they are a valid means of expression.

Nick Marroni said these things straight out in the interview, I was just the passive receiver of his genius.

Check out the trailer for his game:



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