Friday, January 29, 2010


Wait wait… don’t hire me

by Larry Geller

President Obama is expected to announce his job plan today. Democracy Now reports this will be in it:

The $33 billion dollar package would provide incentives for hiring workers and raising wages. Businesses would receive a $5,000 dollar tax credit for each worker hired next year as well as reimbursements on Social Security taxes.

Next year? So how will that help this year? If anything, it could somewhat encourage employers not to hire in 2010.

This reminds me of all the shovel-ready incentives that have not happened. The average person seems not to benefit from this president’s plans. Not yet, anyway.

Foreclosures and job loss continue. Will Democrats suffer in the coming elections from abandoning their constituents while bailing out banksters? Maybe it’s unrelated to foreclosures, but this could start a trend:

Utah Democratic incumbent Congressmember Jim Matheson is facing a challenge from a coalition of progressives who have formed a grassroots effort called The Citizens’ Candidate to unseat him. The initiative is using Craigslist to find applicants willing to run against Matheson.

Using Craigslist to replace an incumbent. I love it.

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I imagine President Obama has the idea and the will to implement the plan but, since he plays by the rules, he needs congressional approval. This involves all the Republicans who were sitting on their hands during the State of the Union. After eight years of Bush vetoes to create this mess, we don't want to forget who left the "party" without picking up his tab.

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