Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tour of the Hawaii Superferry they never sent us

by Larry Geller

How about a video tour of the Huakai, the second Hawaii Superferry that they never sent here? The one with the loading ramp. See how well it works—much better than the barge kludge on the one they did send us.

Here’s a video from a Norfolk, Virginia TV station, WTKR, that permits embedding it on a blog. Try clicking on the full screen button.


(copyright WTKR. WTKR permits embedding in blogs)

Hawaii is getting a bit of publicity out of this, anyway.


This ramp works well - but is designed to serve as an emergency ramp when it's too rough for Kahului barge or Big Island where the earthquake-damaged Pier 2 has not (and may not) be rebuilt. Semi-trailers such as Love's bread cannot turn tight enough, and unloading / loading via a single lane takes nearly 90 minutes.

Kimo, Tim, you sound like you think they could be back?

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