Saturday, January 23, 2010


So who now owns Kirk Caldwell?

by Larry Geller

A minor misunderstanding developed after Ian Lind posted an article on Honolulu Managing Director Kirk Caldwell’s $250 per plate breakfast fundraiser in Washington, DC. It seems Caldwell was concerned that Ian implied he was on City business when he held his fundraiser. Ian responded to that one in an article on Friday.

My question, though, is which out-of-town corporations or special interests is Caldwell now beholden to? Caldwell may run for mayor. Mayor of Honolulu, not of the District of Columbia.

Caldwell holding a fundraiser out of state is not much different in my book from Big Island Rep. Bob Herkes holding an expensive “Breakfast with Bob” fundraiser in Honolulu. Herkes’ constituents are not in Honolulu, only big buck lobbyists and corporations are here paying for influence over his decisions. It’s the same for Caldwell. Remember, corporations invest. Only your neighbors and relatives give money ‘cause they like you.

Kirk Caldwell is now pre-owned. There should be a report eventually on who contributed what.

Should he run for mayor, remember that it’s likely some big banks or corporations already have a stake in his ascendency to the mayorship.

Phone Call What they will want from him should he win is anyone’s guess, but when the phone rings from Washington, you can bet he’ll answer the call.


Next the public needs a list of those present at the Fundraiser for Caldwell, so we can know who has bought him. I totally agree that Caldwell has overstepped the boundries of integrity, thus eliminating him as a viable candidate for Mayor of Honolulu.

If you follow the original thread of this story back to Ian Lind’s blog, was is just as disturbing as the financial industry (you know, the folks who brought us the economic meltdown) holding a fundraiser for Caldwell all the way back in D.C., is the intimidation of Caldwell’s lawyer calling Ian Lind at home. Smells like a move taken out of Mufi’s playbook.

having any "integrity" and being a "viable candidate" don't seem to have an empirical connection. could anonymous enlighten us on the connection? it seems to me that lacking integrity is precisely what makes someone a viable candidate.

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