Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pakistanis reported to have struck back, shooting down a US drone

by Larry Geller

There is a current report from Pakistan that a US drone has been shot down Sunday in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

Pakistanis are justifiably angry at the death and destruction wrought by the US on innocent men, women and children by these drones. An uncaring and largely uninformed American populous has not sprung up to object to the deaths of hundreds of people in far-off Pakistan at the hands of our government.

In googling around for more on this story, I discovered several news articles going ‘way back that refute US claims that militant leaders were killed in the drone strikes. First comes the article (often by the Associated Press) with the claim that the targeted person was killed. That’s followed by other articles indicating he is still alive, or wasn’t there when the dozen or so civilians were killed by the drone.

You’ve probably read that the repeated strikes and civilian deaths are helping the Taliban recruit. In fact, outside of the US, the whole world has access to reports, including pictures of the deaths and destruction of many of the drone attacks. Perhaps US citizens would object also if they knew about it, but our commercial press prefers to disappear this news.

And so the killing goes on, in our name. Tags: , , ,


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