Friday, January 15, 2010


Obama appoints bad guys to co-chair US relief efforts in Haiti

by Larry Geller

From this morning’s Democracy Now, an interview with TransAfrica founder Randall Robinson:

“Bush was responsible for destroying Haitian democracy…Clinton has largely sponsored a program of economic development that supports the idea of sweatshops… but that is not what we should focus on now. We should focus on saving lives.”

There’s no transcript posted for this segment yet (maybe later today), but here’s what I heard:

George W. Bush was responsible for destroying Haitian democracy in 2004 when US troops kidnapped president Aristide and took him out of his country.

Clinton helped destroy agriculture in Haiti. Haiti was not only self-sufficient, but exported rice until trade rules prohibited protective tariffs, flooding the country with cheap US rice. Farmers left the countryside and lived in poverty in the piled-up shacks that collapsed during the earthquake. So while the US was not responsible for the earthquake, it is complicit in causing the high death toll (this is my paraphrase of Robinson’s remarks).

Clinton’s solution for Haiti before the earthquake was sweatshops which paid such a low wage, according the program, that slaves workers could not afford their own transportation to work or lunch.

When the transcript is available, it will relate Robinson’s remarks more accurately.

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Anyone still have doubts about Obama? Their head must still be in the sand! As Ralph Nader has said, "there is no difference in the Republicans/Democrats", Neither represents decency, human rights, honor, integrity or upholds the Constitution, International Law, Geneva Convention, or due process of the law. So how do we get out of this demise?

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