Friday, January 29, 2010


The mouse tries roaring: Hillary Clinton threatens China

by Larry Geller

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned China on Friday it risks diplomatic isolation and disruption to its energy supplies unless it helps keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. [AP, Clinton: China risks isolation over Iran, 1/29/2010]

Hillary, you’re kidding me, right? China has the USA by the you-know-whats. They hold our debt. They make everything that the American consumer wants and that make American business profitable, and they keep the prices low. You and who else will disrupt their energy supplies?

They can crush our economy by sneezing in our direction.

Our country’s idea of “diplomacy” seems still to depend on waving the big stick. Or in this case, the big wet noodle.

Well, let’s see if China caves. What Clinton is looking for is support in the UN for sanctions against Iran. Will they give in to her threats?

Update: Reinforcing the noodle. Yup, big stick diplomacy. This tweet came in just as I posted the above.

U.S. administration to notify Congress of plan to sell weapons, including helicopters and missile defense systems, to Taiwan -- AP, Reuters

If I were China, I imagine I would be more than annoyed by this. And Clinton wants their cooperation?? 


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