Saturday, January 09, 2010


Inouye endorses Hanabusa for 1st Congressional District seat

by Larry Geller

Sen. Dan Inouye

Senator Daniel Inouye addresses Hawaii Alliance for Retired Americans at ILWU Hall

Left to right: Sen. Daniel Inouye, state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa. Seated: Al Hamai, President, Hawaii Alliance of Retired Americans, Luis Duran, Director, Alliance for Retired Americans

Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Rep. Neil Abercrombie and Sen. Daniel Inouye addressed the Third Biennial HARA Convention Saturday morning. Several minutes after concluding his address, at about 11:45 a.m., Sen. Inouye returned to the podium with State Sen. Colleen Hanabusa and gave her his endorsement to fill the Congressional seat to be vacated by Abercrombie at the end of February.

Inouye related two anecdotes about Ed Case. The first concerned a request that the Hawaii delegation made to Case not to run for the vacancy created by the death of Patsy Mink. Inouye said that they preferred that her husband, John Mink, take the seat, take down her pictures and arrange her papers before the next general election. Case refused, Inouye said, and he contested and won the seat.

At a later time, Inouye said, he assembled the Hawaii delegation and questioned Case about whether he intended to run for Akaka’s seat in the Senate. Inouye said that Case told him he would not, but Inouye soon learned that Case had already printed up bumper stickers and campaign posters. Inouye indicated that for these reasons he could not endorse Ed Case.

Inouye described Sen. Hanabusa’s background and experience favorably, mentioning to the audience of mostly retired union members that Hanabusa is a labor lawyer.


So the power play cards have been dealt! I will not vote for anyone who supports continuing war policies and the support of funding to Egypt and Israel, two human rights violators.

I wish I could find a candidate who I opposed the wars and supported human rights for Palistinians.

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